What is BIM

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ArchiCAD allows architects to freely explore design ideas without compromising on documentation precision and quality. With ArchiCAD, you can model and shape freely, easily creating the forms you want and change even complex elements in the most appropriate view. ArchiCAD enables you to combine creative freedom with the well-known efficiency of its robust Building Information Model. A comprehensive set of tools supports the creative process within the context of the project. ArchiCAD enhances its direct modeling capabilities in the native BIM environment with its end-to- end BIM workflow using Priority Based Connections and Intelligent Building Materials.

GDL Technology contains all the information necessary to completely describe building elements as 2D CAD symbols, 3D models and text specifications for use in drawings, presentations and quantity calculations. GDL intelligent object technology offers an efficient way for building component manufacturers to market their products.

With ArchiCAD, you create a 3D Building Information Model – all the necessary documentation and images are created automatically. Priority based junctions and intelligent building materials ensure correct graphical representation of elements and materials in sections (cut fills), surfaces in 3D views, and thermal properties throughout the building energy evaluations. ArchiCAD offers a native BIM design and documentation workflow for Renovation andRefurbishment projects common in developing parts of the world. ArchiCAD’s built-in, word class CINEMA 4D rendering engine and BIMx Hyper- Model publishing capabilities, ensure that all the rendering, exploring, printing and saving processes won’t require extra time and will be derived from the same Building Information Model.

The true potential of BIM is best realized through a team effort with several contributors collaborating on the same BIM data. ArchiCAD, with its full integration with GRAPHISOFT, BIMcloud., offers industry-first, realtime BIM collaboration regardless of the size, location and set-up of the collaborating team.

The integration of CineRender, MAXON’s world-class CINEMA 4D rendering engine into ArchiCAD 18, brings high quality, photo-realistic renderings to a much wider range of designers.

ArchiCAD’s live rendering preview and background processing support make the rendering workflow a smooth, uninterrupted process.

GRAPHISOFT MEP Modeler is for architectural practices and architectural departments of A/E firms to create, edit or import 3D MEP networks and coordinate them with the ArchiCAD Building Information Model.

In today’s environment, sustainability is an imperative for all
building projects. The built-in, improved Energy Evaluation functionality of ArchiCAD 18 supporting multiple thermal blocks
allows architects to perform reliable dynamic energy evaluation with standard-compliant technology.

With GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD, GRAPHISOFT BIMx, and its cloud-integrated model sharing service, architects and designers can explore, communicate, and share their project designs like never before.

BIMx is an innovative, interactive, BIM communication tool for architects setting new standards for design communication and presentation in the industry.

BIMx Hyper-model, Fly & Walk mode, Gravity & Egress recognition, Hyperlinked 2D & 3D, Smooth 2D-3D transition, Real-time 3D cutaway, Trace 2D drawings on 3D, Photo-realistic mode, Stereo 3D mode, Left & right-handed joystick, Finger controls (zoom, pan, rotate), On-screen navigation map, Adjustable navigation speed.

Local BIM Components/ Product Specific Data
Manufacturer and product specific data support provides the ArchiCAD users with product support contact information and helps automated quantity listings and energy evaluation. Construction Management (CM) and Facility Management (FM) data support makes BIM components valuable during their whole lifecycle from planning through construction and operation to renovation.

Graphisoft SA teamed up with the Smart-tools team to develop a product suite with the primary goal specifically aimed at live work flow, interactive evaluation of design and documentation models, whilst meeting the compliance requirement of the SANS regulations.

Architects can now enjoy the benefits of high-end building energy performance simulation and reporting without leaving ArchiCAD. Low and net-zero energy building design is made easy for architects worldwide with EcoDesigner STAR’s standard compliant energy simulation engine, advanced energy model visualization and documentation. In addition to the integrated energy simulation functionality, EcoDesigner STAR’s advanced BEM export interfaces (such as gbXML and PHPP) allow full collaboration workflow with building energy consultants and enable data export from ArchiCAD to local building energy code compliance calculation applications.


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